Meet The Team

Chris Woodson
Chief Executive Officer

Chris grew up with sensitive skin and got razor bumps after shaving for the first time. With no solutions out there that worked well for him, he decided to devote his time to creating one. After five years of research, development, and testing, he'd created a solution to razor bumps that no one else had thought of. He then gave it to a friend to try and after hearing how well it worked for him, he set off to make this solution available to everyone.

Sean Price
Chief Logistics Officer

Sean graduated from Californian State University Fullerton with a bachelor's degree in bio-mechanics. Sean got involved in the world of logistics and fulfillment when he started his own medical supply company in 2014, and even now watches it grow. “I love business and I’m passionate about helping others. Finding a way to combine those two things is what makes a company thrive,” said Sean. When not working on the Leegels project and simultaneously growing his own company, Sean enjoys traveling and making music.