About Us

The Leegels Story

The Leegels story begins in 2012, with the founder, Chris Woodson. Chris struggled with razor bumps for most of his life, despite store aisles being filled with dozens of products that claimed to work. With no products out there that worked for him, he set off to research and develop a solution that would eliminate the root cause of razor bumps and skin irritation. He wanted a product that wouldn't just work, but was also all natural, free from harmful chemicals, and of course, cruelty free. By 2018, Leegels Bump Preventer was born.


Leegels is on a mission to rid the world from razor bumps and skin irritation. We believe in giving everyone a comfortable, confident shave, no matter who or where they shave. We take pride in our shave oil and put careful research and thought into every step of the process, from our unique bottle design, to manufacturing in the United States. Leegels is proud to share its Bump Preventer with the world, and providing everyone with a shave oil that's skin worthy.

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